Rising Spirit is a Naruto Roleplay set in an alternate universe that introduces new plot hooks to genre - as well as refinements in site systems that make it an easy and fun experience. With systems that are not a sharp learning curve, or applications that require hours to create: you can focus much more on the stories. We provide a basic method for measuring abilities and use the honor system (and the power of friendship) to cut through complications.

We are a short app site without a detailed history requirement, allowing you to develop your character as you go and establish past connections on the fly with other characters. We have areas to plot on the site and on our discord. Our goal is to foster a friendly down-to-earth atmosphere and a good environment for everyone to have fun. We aim to be a site where we can truly explore exciting shonen themes, including battles between members and staff ran NPCs where everything is on the line. Having such an environment requires members who can distinguishing character from self and leave drama in character where it belongs.

This roleplay is centered around the concept of rising to the top from rank and file shinobi, and focuses on the journey. Emphasis has been placed on physical combat as seen in the earliest chapters of the Naruto series, Jutjutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Samurai Champloo, etc. Ninjutsu is more difficult to hone and more limited in use but holds higher weight in overall deadliness and utility. As your character grows this mold can be broken as they start to truly stand out from others.

  • No Stats - Character Progression
  • No Jutsu Lists - Basic Power Tiers
  • Short App - Dynamic Characters
  • Story Focused Site - Five Villages
  • Scattered Clans - Mix and Match
  • Shonen - Player vs Player Action

The rest of this guide includes everything you need to get startted at Rising Spirit (click the catagories in white on the top left). Thanks for visiting and we hope to hear from you, feel free to spy on us in discord (it doesn't announce new arrivals). The guide includes links to help you fill out various profile fields, so we recommend registering before you review the orientation tab.

General Rules

Members can use foul language in moderation, but cannot use it to abuse other members.

Sexual Content
Members can use innuendo, but it cannot use it to harass other members. No writing sex on the forum. No porn. Don't allude to rape or pedophilia. Don't use overtly ecchi art for avatars.

No extreme levels of blood and gore in posts. Do not threaten violence against any other member.

Word Count
We do not have a required word count.

Do not plagerise, which includes posting the work of others as your own or taking content from other Naruto sites and copy pasting it here. It is also forbidden to repost writings that have been posted on another site even if it belongs to you. You retain ownership of material you write in this space, but grant Rising Spirit permission to utilize any works posted as part of its shared story even if membership ends (non-commercial use).

OOC Etiquette
While you are on Rising Spirit we require that you respect one another and the staff. Bigotry is not tolerated. Don't make negative comments about someone's religious or gender identities. Do not use this site as a soap box for politics.

Member Abuse Policy
Name calling, harassment, ignoring someone's request not to be called a certain nickname or pronoun, and use of slurs are not allowed. If you are upset about something that has happened in-character, please try to take a few hours to process and then talk with the staff privately.

System Manipulation Clause
The staff reserves the right to veto anything suspected to be manipulation of our policies. Examples of abuse would be pretending to be multiple people to get around limited claims or repeatingly making characters with sharingan and killing them off right away to give the eyes to friends.

Fostering a Healthy Community
When a member or guest of the forum acts inappropriately the staff may remove them from the community. Severe misconduct may result in ban without warning. We make disciplinary decisions as a team and each case is unique, so outcomes may differ from incident to incident.

Archival Process
Members who do not make activity checks will have their characters archived. Members who were in the discord that leave it and haven't posted for some time will be assumed to have departed and will also be archived. If a character is dropped or archived while they were in danger they may be killed.

Advertising & Other Sites
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Rising Spirit members are not to post advertisements on other forums or use their discord as a short list to DM invitations to strangers. We encourage you to tell your writing friends about us though!

Don't bash on other forums on our site discord or posting areas. We don't want an adversarial relationship or drama with other spaces.


Recommended Settings
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Accounts and Identification
  • One account per character, OOC account is optional. We use English naming convention (Firstname Lastname) to make the site more friendly for casual fans.
  • The "Played By" field on each account must be filled out and you have should be the same name on each account. If you join discord that name should also match your nickname in our discord.
  • Do not use your real name or other personally identifiable information as your OOC name.

Images & Face Claims
  • All characters require an illustrated face claim from an established series, original character art is only allowed if you own the art and the staff approves of the aesthetic.
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  • Using lossless compression to reduce the memory size of your images is appreciated to keep the site running as quickly as possible.
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In a world that had always prized Hi no Kuni as the de facto lords of the land, a fearful three nations set forward their Ashigaru and Samurai and lay waste to their land - reinforced by swathes of undead. It had been the single most successful coup de main that had been achieved in all of history, by the fact the three villages didn't even know they were working together until the Land of Fire was, on fire.

The power vaccuum and destabilisation of the land that followed was the utter break of chaos - clans fleeing or moving, switching sides or fighting back or moving into hiding. Villages once friends had turned on another and a world was set out on destroying itself once more, laying waste to a barren landscape and scar across the earth.

Smaller lands under Hi no Kuni's safety fell short of protection, what defenses had small villages have that Konohagakure no Sato did not? They were annexed.

The Hidden Sand's mysteriously fertile and seemingly empty landscape evaded annexing by a mix of trade from the land of Rivers and Fire, and with people marching toward Amegakure (the Hidden Rain Village) offered a resolution that did not raise to fruition, and in turn, caused the village to march on the Hidden Rain. Only by the use of a powerful artifact that released a demon, did the equally powerful Shinko Osore turn the tides on their near conquerors.

And Amegakure was not alone: in former years, they had allied with other nearby friends, the Land Hidden in the Grass after fears of their eventual defeat at the hands of the Hidden Stone, provided they managed to beat the Hidden Waterfall.

Refugees created a new land; contained within some of the newly formed empire that was formerly the Land of Fire it challenged the status quo that had been set, named Otogakure no Sato; the land Hidden in Sound. They held secrets and seals capable of suppressing the dark jutsu hoarded by this empire, and remain the gatekeepers of the new world.

Five Shinobi Nations

In the aftermath of Konoha's fall, five Shinobi Villages were left standing. The territories free from imperial rule were consolidated under each village. The Hidden Sound took control of what remained of the Land of Fire and the Rain took control of the Land of Wind. Our story is set 70 years after the fall of Konoha.

After the fall of their enemies in the Hidden Sand twelve years ago, the Daimyo ruling the Hidden Rain took the Land of Wind as his own territory. With this, the leader of Amegakure was able to take on the mantle of one of the five shadows as the Kazekage. Even before the fall of Leaf, Amegakure fell in the intersection of Konohagakure and Iwagakure. Constant warfare has tarnished the once peaceful metropolis before the age of shinobi. The Kazekage desires to strengthen the nation's security and to send a strong signal that the Rain will not be trifled with.

The Hidden Stone Village reigns over the Land of Earth. It is the oldest of the Villages and is enjoying an era of prosperity after conquering the Waterfall Country. The Tsuchikage has a vendetta against the Hidden Rain, and it shows in his increasingly aggressive policies. The Earth Country enjoys the protection of large walls around its territory protected by shinobi, and the Empire has never breached them.

The Hidden Mist Village has dominion over the Land of Water and its seas. Historically an isle of shifting hands and lawlessness, the current age is not much different. Its current kage is a pirate known for his cunning and power. While somewhat more loosly organized than the average shinobi village, it is difficult to challenge on a waterfront. Kiri forces butt heads with Kumo frequently, whether or not it is on order doesn't seem to matter.

The Hidden Cloud Village is another one of the older villages that came about shortly after Konoha and Iwa were formed. It liberated the Land of Whirlpools from the Mist, which triggered a turf war over the seas in which Kumo was able to succesfully defend its new annex. Kumo's defense forces still deal with a lot of piracy at the hands of Kirigakure and independent criminal groups. It is focused on self defense and nation building.

The Hidden Sound Village existed before the Empire, but its numbers swelled with Konoha refugees. The Sound has predominantly skirmished with the Empire, even holding parts of the Land of Fire as territory. The village itself is a series of tunnels and staging areas and the shinobi their engage in guerilla warfare with samurai. It currently outsources shinobi from other nations to battle the Empire as well, a major client to the other nations.


The rule of thumb toward technology is the further you are away from the hidden villages, the likelihood of your rurality being a "low" level of technology will be apparent.

In the capitals (ninja villages) basic electricity and goods are common, with the basic principle of wealth being the common factor between someone who has simple lighting (common) to someone who has a small TV (very rich). Television programming prerecorded on cassette tapes. Differences exist in the Hidden Rain Village, where television operates by antenna and television is more common. In the Hidden Mist Village, electricity is powered by privately owned generators and a luxury only the richest people can afford.

The Hidden Rain Village has developed radio communication, the greatest technological marvel so far, outpacing other things and replacing aviaries utilized by other villages. Even in hospitals, because of chakra orientated surgery civilian surgery has progressed little, only having reached the era of 'minimally invasive surgery' and defibrillation machines. The rest of the world however still operates on animal operated machinery, some key areas still using crude oil and craftsmanship ingenuity.

Buildings of the rich are generally considered to be 'Edo' period - large bricks ands tones amassed together with a great workforce, and only the affluent being able to afford, for which you'd generally see of a Damiyo's lands, palace, over a far reaching area or that of a Kage.

Buildings in modern areas are generally found to be akin to the Muromachi period and some pre-modern 'prefab' structures going sky high and are 'apartment' based, but are far from the real life modern society as we know it: space is still more common in this land and even the poor have fairly spaced areas of living.

Buildings in rural areas are generally wood built - considered a "Kofun" period architecture with straw based roofs, risen off the floor with wooden poles and generally somewhat in the air - for lack of better ventilation and protection against the wetter seasons.

Many rural areas in the elemental nations still have modern methods of farming - using animal operated machinery and style and ability to terraform (for instance, rice paddies) In religious methods of construction, is much more modern (and consumptive of resources) with slate, brick and tile being commonly used with checkerboard sheets, pointed and curved roofs, generally raised off the floor with pyramid like layering - and sometimes notably located in the highest point in any given region.

Character Rules

A name of eastern origin is required.

Age & Time
Characters need to be at least five years old. Age will increase at double the rate of real life, so a character will become a year older every six months. Age is updated on request or when you upgrade a proficiency after six months has passed from character creation (occasionally we will audit and update ages of everyone who needs it and hasn't upgraded).

Liquid time is in effect. Your character can be in multiple threads and places, and you may keep track of how it all connects if you desire. We recommend focusing on threads that will create compelling stories, because things like training are implied to be done in the background and the quicker years can create inconsistancies easier if you are spread too thin.

Multiple character rules
There is no hard limit on the number of characters you can make, although we may ask you to drop characters that you seem to be neglecting first in extreme cases. You may not make characters that are part of the same village or organization, or who have personal ties to one another.

Weather patterns do not follow seasons as we know them in real life and instead the weather is determined by hot and cold fronts. The thread creator can decide the weather in a thread. Drastically altering the weather in the middle of a thread should be something the participants agree to.

Death Enabled
While inside of their own village, a character is considered to be in a safe zone. If they are defeated shinobi NPCs assist them in escaping. Outside of the village the world is truly dangerous, and all threads are considered to be death enabled. This means that death may be a consequence of losing a combat with other characters or event NPCs. Enemy shinobi are free to invade any thread, but at the same time allies can invade to reinforce you.

Ganking low ranking characters is dishonorable and will count for little in terms of showing evidence of growth to secure upgrades to a character's abilities. Please consider other options such as selling them back for ransom, knocking them out, or even taking them prisoner to turn them to your cause instead.

You may create threads set in the distant past (flashback threads). Make sure these are marked at the begining of the thread. These threads are not death enabled. However they do not grant any mechanical character progression.

On character death, your next character is allowed to advance/learn new proficiencies equal to the amount of proficiencies their dead character had learned (in play), minus one. This can even be moved to a new character of a higher rank (through taking a rank claim or making a missing ninja). During events, this penalty is removed. Some events may offer up lotteries that give a member a chance to get something unique if their character dies.

Thread Skipping
The default waiting time to skip someone in a thread is one week. If desired the creator of the thread can set their own skipping rules in the opening post, but it must be clearly marked in an OOC note on the thread (not behind any hover).

Playable Factions
You may play characters from the Hidden Villages outlined in bold in the Map & Setting section of this guide. You may also play a missing shinobi or a non-shinobi. You may not play a character that is a member or subjugate of the empire.

Clans have been scattered all over the world and different branches exist in each of the villages. It is possible to play any clan in any village. A character may only have one clan hijutsu and must start with it.

Kekkei Genkai
Certain clans do not have Hijutsu, but are known to posses unique genetic powers. Due to the nature of the setting, these genetics can rarely appear outside of the clans they belong to. A character may have only one kekkei genkai, excluding advanced releases. You must spend a proficiency slot on a heritage on character creation in order to have the potential to unlock a kekkei genkai.

Advanced Releases
Some people are born with a rare gift to combine two elements together to make an entirely new one. A character can only have on advanced release. The advanced release must be chosen on creation.

Mix & Match
We allow a mix and match of hijutsu, kekkei genkai, and advanced releases at character creation. You can mix two unlike parts (Hijutsu+Kekkei Genkai, Hijutsu+Advanced Release, Kekkei Genkai+Advanced Release). Keep in mind that some clans already have two things (Hyuga have a Hijutsu+Kekkei Genkai). Also keep in mind that your character will start weaker than average with these pairings as both kekkei genkai and advanced releases require buy-ins that reduce their overall capabilities.

Teams and Starting at Higher Ranks
Teams are structured in a way different from canon to mesh better with a forum environment where people come and go. Please check over the positions guide. It will also point you in the direction to get things started for a higher ranked character than a genin if desired.

Jutsu and Abilities
We don't keep jutsu lists and instead use a tiered list based on the types of proficiencies people have to help guide limitations of power. These threads will guide you through much of the rest of character creation & answer some questions regarding promotion.

Village Exclusives
Only the Hidden Stone, Hidden Sound, and their missing ninja are able to make characters that have been experimented on.
Only the Hidden Rain has access to radio technology.
Only the Hidden Mist and Cloud have significant naval fleets.

Character Proficiencies & Progression- This thread details out the system and how much you start with, as well as how you will improve the character later on.
Core Proficiencies- a list of proficiencies needed to make a basic character.
More Proficiencies- Advanced releases and examples of other acceptable proficiencies. You are allowed to make your own proficiencies too.
Ban List- Things that have been specifically defined as not allowed.
Promotion System- How your character can climb the ninja ladder.
Character Board- This is the board where you will actually make your character.